Walk With Me

A few months ago my friend Janice approached me about writing a song to share at the annual Love Your Guide Dog event.

Now I’ve written many songs but I do find it tricky to write to a brief. After much procrastination I sat down at the piano. Panda stuck around for about 3 minutes before trundling off to bed.

But then the idea for the song took shape. I remembered the first time I walked with a guide dog, my first, Emma and how that had felt. And then how walking with Panda for the first time had felt like the most natural thing in the world. How I sometimes close my eyes when we walk, making no use of my residual vision at all and just trusting that Panda knows the way.

So here are the lyrics and a link to the song below:


Before there was you I was afraid to fall

Before there was you I couldn’t walk tall

Before there was you I didn’t know the way

Before there was you

Then I met you and I knew my life was changing

When you looked at me you almost seemed to say

Walk with me

Now you’re always there whenever I call

With you by my side I fear nothing at all

With you next to me I’ll walk impossible miles

And though our lives are constantly changing

You’re always with me to show me everyday

How to walk with you

As you walk with me

I’ll walk with you

Your love is the same everyday

When I’m lost you find the way

And you tell me to trust in you

Without saying a word you say

Walk with me

Walk with me




4 thoughts on “Walk With Me

  1. Thank you, I love your song… I am presently training a puppy as a service dog for myself (I use a wheelchair).

    Could I please have permission to use your song in talks that I do on disability awareness? You really touch on the heart of how we can be freed of our fears and develop so much independence with the right support.


  2. Beautiful. It brings a tear to my eye as a puppy raiser who walk with these wonderful creatures for the first time, for a long time , while they mature . Makes the seperation so much easier knowing they move on to someone that actually “do” love them even more than i do, not thinking it’s possible at at. But I know it’s true. 🐾👣


  3. Beautiful song Michelle. Really encouraging … And fitting lyrics to sing to Jesus too. Keep writing, keep singing! Thanks for sharing this.


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